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An App that manages Invoices and payments.

Software that allows Startups, Small and Medium Enterprises to manage customers, Invoicing, payments and forecast your receivables.

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Entrepreneurs and SME’s are struggling to manage their Invoices and receivables.

FastPayee helps you to manage all your Invoices in online.

  • Looks great on any device
  • Clean and easy to use.
  • Lets you to manage customers, Tax, Invoice and payments.
  • Download Invoice as PDF or Send as an email.
Why FastPayee ?
There are many

accounting software

available in the market. Whats the differentiator ?
Minimize Cash Exchange

Demonetization hits cash exchange and suppliers / vendors are looking for an alternative option to handle payables and receivables. FastPayee in its infancy that covers receivables. We will offer salient features in subsequent versions to meet SME payments.

Digital Transaction Hub

Our Vision is to build a digital transaction hub for SME’s and Entrepreneurs offering various payment channels including Mobile transfer, Debit, Credit card and bank ACH transfers. Fastpayee will be a one stop online solution for all your business payment needs.

Reports to focus on business

Intuitive reports that helps customers to review forecast, business growth and plan ahead. No more missed or delayed Invoices. We know how to design an efficient dashboard that highlights your cash flow.

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Access from Anywhere.

No need to come to your Office to generate an Invoice or check the status of a payment. Fastpayee is a responsive app that allows you to generate Invoice from any device. We will get the Mobile app shortly till you enjoy our web app!


Built with latest Microsoft .Net technologies and seamless experience is provided with AngularJS. Securely hosted in Amazon Web services and there is no room for security issues. As a Technology company, W2S Solutions developers are delighted to produce such a quality output

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FastPayee Software is 100% Free.
Create Free Invoice, Manage Accounts payables and receivables, Free Bills and Expenses. No Strings attached.

For Payment Gateways, debit card, credit card processing and Banking transfer, we charge 3% FEE for Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs. When you get paid, you pay 3% for the transaction charge. Signup for Beta now and start using.


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