Cancellation and Refund Policy


Effective Date : June 22nd 2017

Account Cancellation and Refund Policy.

Way2Smile Solutions is a complex business network that connects millions of users. Way2Smile Solutions manages a business eco system that brings together Invoices, payments, accounts payables and receivables. This network relies on the exchange and sharing of information that is important to others in your network. These are the official history of work done and moneys paid.

The complexity and connected nature of the system requires that this history exists in perpetuity to accommodate proper function and accounting for the other systems that you have connected to via contracting hours, invoices, estimates and payments. Way2Smile Solutions cannot guarantee the deletion of all your information.

When a customer chooses to close an account we will remove your information from our marketing and billing systems. This will ensure that there are not further mailings or billings directed towards the cancelled user. If there are any payments to be made to users, we will make the payment as refunds.

As we continue to refine Way2Smile Solutions we will establish a method for the complete removal of all user information from the system without breaking accepted accounting principles for other connected Way2Smile Solutions accounts. This document will evolve as these new methods are defined and tested for permanent account deletion. Users wishing to be notified when this development is complete can indicate their wishes via support [at]